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When selling your tickets with TicketShack, you can choose to Absorb the fee’s, or you can pass the fee’s onto the customer.

Absorb Fees: This means the fees will come out of your payout

Pass fees on to attendees: This means the fee will be added onto the customers order, not affecting your payout 

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Estimated payout can occasionally be lower when customers use Non-European cards*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “ticket type”?
A ticket type is a unique combination of name, price, and availability that you create to create demand or appeal to different audiences. For example, an event with “General Admission – Early Bird”, “General Admission – Regular” and “VIP” has 3 ticket types.
Does TicketShack have a free option?
Yes! If your are selling free tickets, you will not have to pay a single fee to use our services.
What are ticketing and registration “essentials”?
Ticketing and registration essentials include the things you need to successfully execute a simple event, including a mobile-optimised event page, general admission ticketing, a summary reporting dashboard, exportable attendee data and on-site check-in.
How do I pay my fees?
When using TicketShack’s payment processing, you have the option to either “absorb” your fees and pay them out of your ticketing revenue, or pass them along to your ticket buyers. This will then be taken out of your payout.